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About Find Ride

Finding Rides/Radius Search/Message Boards:

  • You can move a short distance? Use radius search to search within 10mi, 20mi or 30mi of your home town.
  • To assist you find more rides of your choice, we have added a simple search on major carpool sites.
  • Check if you are compatible with a rider, their car, their music choices, and if they allow pets by viewing profiles.
  • Converse using a private message board: You will never have to share your email address with anyone. Check "My Messages" to see if you got a response

Carpool with People who are Certified.

"Certification" is our unique way of identifying if you are a real person and if you are committed to Carpooling

  • Level 0: When you create an account but fail to click the activation link in the welcome email, you get no medals
  • Level 1: If you use a free email domain [gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc] and click the activation link, you get a single medal. People know that you are a real person, with a valid email address.
  • Level 2: For added security, you can chose to use a non free web mail address, (your company/school). You show your commitment to carpooling and we award you with two medals!
  • Level 3: As a paid customer, you enjoy enhanced features of exclusive carpooling with other level 3 users. Also you can filter your search and decide who views your posts. Plus no advertisements!

Save Rides/Riders and Set Alerts

  • You can save rides you like in your account and access them all the times: No more URL bookmarking.  
  • Save the riders that you like, rate them based on your experience: You can even set alerts when these users post!
  • Map your route and take suggestion on ride price to ask based on current gas prices. 


Sometimes you won’t find exactly what you are looking for, please don’t worry.

  • Try making a POST, if you have a car, use “have a ride” else use the “need a rideoption.
  • OR you can invite your friends to share your ride, increasing your odds of finding a ride.

Happy Carpooling!

Divvy My Ride Team


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