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Question) What is Unique to DivvyMyRide?

Your convenience is our Goal:

  • Save rides you like and we will help you access them all the times.
  • Save the riders that you have had good experience riding as your favorite, rate them based on your experience.
  • You can even set alerts when these users post.

Get what you want.

  • You can choose your avatar and post your preference (car, music etc.). The "+"ive side is that this also allows you to see if you would like to share a ride with some one.

One Stop Site.

  • Get on touch with other carpoolers right on the web site under "My Messages". No more copy pasting email addresses, use the message board to keep track of all your messages. Bye bye to spam generated by sharing your email address. Also your privacy is protected since your email address is not shared. 

Visualize It.

  • We have placed a map for each post so you can see your route. We even give you a suggested price for the route based on current gas prices. 
  • We let you know if others have looked at your post. (Again unique to DivvyMyRide). Try to make a post that is popular so more people view it and increase your odds of finding a ride.

Question) How to Post Rides

  • Matching the right people is important, so we make it easy to identify if you are offering a ride ("Have a Ride") or looking for a ride ("Need a Ride"). No more confusion. While posting, you can make your ride a one way trip or a round trip.
  • Have time at your disposal? Use the “Date is flexible” option.
  • Don’t want to get very cozy? Specify the number of people you are willing to travel with.
  • If your trip recurs, use the “This trip repeats” options.


Question) How do to Find Rides:

  • Look at preferences of other riders to see if you want to carpool with them or not.
  • We understand that you don’t just want to search near your city but also places near it. So use the radius search. You can search within 10miles, 20miles or 30miles of a city.
  • Didn't find a suitable ride? Perform a simple search on other carpool sites.

Question) What is User Certification ?

"Certification" is our unique way of identifying if you are a real person and if you are committed to Carpooling

  • Level 0: When you create an account but fail to click the activation link in the welcome email, you get no medals
  • Level 1: If you use a free email domain [gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc] and click the activation link, you get a single medal. People know that you are a real person, with a valid email address.
  • Level 2: For added security, you can chose to use a non free web mail address, (your company/school). You show your commitment to carpooling and we award you with two medals!
  • Level 3: As a paid customer, you enjoy enhanced features of exclusive carpooling with other level 3 users. Also you can filter your search and decide who views your posts. Plus no advertisements!

Question) I registered to your site, where is my Medal?

When you register, you will get an welcome email from us (carpooldivvymyride.com) with an activation link. Click the link in the email to get your medals. If you don't find it in the inbox, try looking in other folders.

Are you really Free?

YES, we are free to use. No commissions, No cuts/percentage of your money.

Just use the site and save money…

Question)  I like you site, what do I do?

First of all, Thank you, we are happy that you like us. You can start by telling you friends about the site. Also we have subscription Level 3, that comes with additional features, you can ask the organization that you work for, to encourage carpooling by working with us. The subscription fee in very nominal and we take on the responsibility of safety and authentication. You can get more info by writing to us on CarpoolDivvyMyRide.com .   

Question)  I have suggestions for your site, what do I do?

While we try our best, we are far from being perfect or totally bug free. Your suggestions are most welcome. You can write to us on CarpoolDivvyMyRide.com

If are have a nice or bad experience to share, let is know.


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